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Experience a journey of self-discovery and renewal at Beyond Wellness.  Here you will find the highest quality of massage and bodywork within a sacred healing space. 

A very gentle therapy yet...very powerful.  Craniosacral Therapy uses light touch and gentle techniques to release deep restrictions and tension in the body.   It helps balance our body's natural rhythms and encourages our natural ability to heal. It can relieve pain, tension, and stress.   It is also a doorway into our subconscious where even deeper healing can take place. 

Craniosacral Therapy is a specialty of Beyond Wellness and is one of our most popular services.  This is not a massage but can be added to any massage service.  

60 minute $125

Craniosacral Therapy

Sacred Journey Massage

This massage will focus on relaxing the physical body, raising your energetic vibration, and opening and releasing energetic restrictions.  


As the body begins to re-balance, old memories or traumas might come to the surface, stagnant energy may be released, and profound insight or clarity may be experienced.  We are opening the door to unlimited possibilities! 

Sacred Journey Massage includes Craniosacral Therapy within the massage. 

90 minute $150

2 hour $200

Therapeutic Massage

Massage is customized to your unique preference. I use a variety of methods to relieve pain and bring relaxation that are included in the price.  No add ons! 

75 minute $125

90 minute $150

Lymphatic Massage

This is a gentle massage that stimulates the lymphatic system. It helps revitalize your energy and detox your body.  With Lymphatic massage we can help stimulate the bodies natural cleaning process, promoting a healthier immune system and state of being. (note: this service is for general well being and is not for post surgical procedures)

75 minute $125

90 minute $150

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