Dedication to Don Massat's legacy

He played, he danced, he laughed and now he is flying high in the cosmos wrapped up in the light of Divine. My father Don Massat passed away. Many hearts are broken, but he is right where he loves to be, in freedom and in the light. Don Massat returned to the light on 2-1-22.

Integrative Healing of the Mind-Body-Soul

We look at the individual, not just their disease. We address the cause rather than the symptom.

"We have an exclusive group of talented Lightworkers, Bodyworkers, and Massage Therapists who have all completed advanced schooling in specialized areas of bodywork in addition to fulfilling the national standard of study in therapeutic massage. The commitment to continued education means that our therapists are highly qualified to address your wellness concerns. Whether you simply need to relax or are challenged by chronic pain and under a physician’s care, therapeutic bodywork at Beyond Wellness can bring you the relief and balance you are looking for."

Words from a client...

I first went to see Don Massat at Beyond Wellness, because I was told my circulation was very poor. So I went to see Don to see what he could do to help. Not only has my circulation improved, other problems have improved also. When I first started going I had to have someone drive me because my eyesight was horrible. Now I make the 1.5 hour drive one a month. I also have arthritis in my feet. It would be very painful to walk; now very seldom do I suffer from pain in my feet. There were time I suffered from depression and moodiness. The Cranial Sacral Therapy helped me and at the same time gave me energy. The benefits seem to be endless for me. I was very intrigued with the process and wanted to learn about it.


Everyone at Beyond Wellness has such a positive attitude and is very friendly.

Our Vision

Therapeutic Massage Healing Center & Spa

Beyond Wellness is a True Healing Center founded in 1998 by Don Massat. We offer several alternative health services providing a Holistic approach. We look at the individual, not just their disease. We address the cause rather than the symptom. We are interested in maintaining good health through prevention of disease. We understand that there is a crucial interrelationship between the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of our being.

Beyond Wellness has utilized evolved levels of Energy Work, Bodywork and Massage Therapy. The high art of healing offered by our Wellness Center has opened doors to successful helping with symptoms of emotional and nervous disorders as well as various physical and mental health problems.


Pam Montalbano & Dana Massat, are managing Beyond Wellness, providing referrals to other practitioners for Healing Check out the referral page if you are seeking Healing. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

PHONE NUMBER: 708-426-5567 (Pam)


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