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Trance Channel Therapy

Group Sessions generally last 60 to 90 minutes and cost $20.00 /person

Private Sessions:
30 minute sessions cost $75.00
60 minute sessions cost $150.00

This is a process whereby spirits (beings) communicate with those of us in the physical world. It is guidance given from higher realms by enlightened beings whom you may know as guides or teachers.

The guidance comes through a human being who has become an open channel able to set aside the conscious self and allow the higher information to come through their physical form. Because guides come from the higher realms they are interested in your spiritual path. They will offer an expanded viewpoint to many of you concerns without infringing on your free will.

Channeling can bring fresh insights into your life. They are masters at working with energy and assist in changing old patterns and belief systems

What to expect during a session?

Channeling can take place in group sessions offering insights on an endless variety of topics including the nature of reality, reincarnation, the evolution of the soul, etc. In private sessions one may be assisted in healing traumas, illnesses and soul wounds.

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