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Experience the Healing Power of Massage

You are a unique individual, therefore, your massage should be unique also.  Each session is customized to you.  

60 minute  $100
75 minute  $125
90 minute  $145

Customized Therapeutic Massage -  Whether you prefer a relaxing massage, a therapeutic session, or a combination of both, each session can be customized to your unique preference.  My approach and style of massage is using long, flowing, graceful strokes, connecting and unifying the entire body.  Pressure is deep enough to release tension but gentle enough to allow the body to relax.  

Reiki Massage – There is a physical, emotional and spiritual balance within our bodies.  When one of these is under stress, it can create physical symptoms within us.  Reiki massage is a full body massage which focuses on loving healing energy flowing through you.  This healing energy restores harmony and balance within our bodies.  

Sacred Journey Massage –  This massage can take you on a deep inner journey towards your higher self.  When we are able to connect with our higher self, we then connect with love, wisdom and true healing.  This massage will focus on relaxing the physical body, raising your energetic vibration, and opening and releasing energetic restrictions.   As the body begins to re-balance, old memories or traumas might come to the surface, stagnant energy may be released, and profound insight or clarity may be experienced.  We are opening the door to unlimited possibilities. 

Lymphatic Massage – This is a gentle massage that stimulates the lymphatic system.  The function of the lymphatic system is to carry toxins and unwanted materials from the body.  Through Lymphatic massage we can help stimulate the bodies natural cleaning process, promoting a healthier immune system and state of being. 

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