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Vibrational Healing for Cancer & Disease

Healing ourselves requires that we remove conditions that cause or disease. In this process we find that the causative factors of illness are not strictly physical problems. They can relate directly to the mental and emotional life we live as well. Our thoughts and feelings are powerful, dynamic forces that influence every aspect of our lives and are major causative factors in either the health or disease of our body and mind. How we feel and think about ourselves is what we become. Whether we realize it or not, our conscious and unconscious attitudes (belief systems) and feelings (emotions) powerfully affect the cells, tissues, and organs of our physical bodies.

Our cell tissues hold the vibrational patterns of our feelings, emotions, attitudes, and belief systems. Lower vibrational emotions such as anger, resentment, fear, guilt, and lack of forgiveness impede the flow of the life-force and lower one’s immunity and vitality. When these low-vibrational emotions are suppressed over a period of time they become highly poisonous to the human system and may manifest into the physical as cancer or disease.

Cancer is a very “heavy” or “low” vibrational energy in itself. Once the energy of Cancer has crossed the bridge into matter, or physical form it has great potential to multiply and grow, continuing to feed on Low-vibrational emotions. Once the energy of Cancer begins to enter the physical it attacks at a cellular level resulting in the deterioration of cells which eventually no longer are able to receive the electrical charges to carry out their primary responsibility. These cells may be rejuvenated through Vibrational Healing. It is a process whereby high Vibrational energy is transferred from a Healer into human beings’ physical and energetic bodies through touch, presence and counseling to raise ones vibration and facilitate the healing process at many levels. This is based on idea that illness or disease in the human and auric body is characterized by blockages and imbalances. These blockages and imbalances cause a cell, organ, system, or energetic body to vibrate low. Low vibrations result in disease (dis-ease) or illness. Vibrational Healing Therapy will raise vibration in order to restore and balance the natural life force energy within the body.

With the assistance of Sacred Journey Therapists or Lightworkers this process may be reversed with the application of “Light”, or High Vibrational Energy. This “Light” energy results from Positive and Healthy attitudes/emotions allowing the vital-force to circulate freely throughout the body/mind system. This generates high vitality, enhances regenerative process and creates a more positive or “Lighter” life experience. Sacred Journey Therapists and Lightworkers offer “Light” energies such as Compassion, Unconditional Love, Appreciation, Confidence, and Trust in an effort to offer assistance for the soul to shift their experience Shamans, Healers, Lightworkers and Sacred Journey Therapists are no strangers to these phenomena. Scientists are finally developing instruments that are sophisticated enough to measure how and why this modality of healing works.

Vibrational Healing Therapy can be used along with these treatments to minimize organ damage and maintain the immune system.

Vibrational Healing Therapy is a powerful system of healing that may utilize specific techniques, but works primarily with intention and vibration in order to restore and balance the natural life force energy within the body.

The key to Vibrational Healing Therapy is the “Elevated Vibration” of the therapist. This therapist we may refer to as “Sacred Journey Therapist” or “Evolved Lightworker”. The Sacred Journey Therapist connects with the energy field of the client and begins to work into their emotional body, raising the vibration of the client, balancing and strengthening the body’s energy field promoting its ability to heal itself. This is also very spiritual work as the Sacred Journey Therapist opens Belief systems, changing old energetic patterns, offering a new path to Wellness and personal growth.

Vibrational Healing Therapy has not only the power to shift unhealthy behavior patterns; it actually has ability to influence the change of abnormal cell structures of the body. This type of Energy Work is used most often with serious illnesses and disease as well as with depression, anxiety, and various Mental Health Disorders.

Beyond Wellness Recommendations: Vibrational Healing Therapy

The Sacred Journey Therapist is a visionary with high developed skills, wisdom, and open belief systems. This therapist shows unlimited tools and options to facilitate and together embark on a journey to disassemble the energy of Cancer!

You see, there really are no Miracles in Life, only our limited perception of what is possible!



Don Massat


According to Dr. Royal R Rife, every disease has a frequency or vibration. He found that certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and that others would destroy disease. Raising the vibration with higher frequency will destroy diseases of the lower frequency.

In 1992 Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology , an independent division of Eastern State University in Cheney, Washington, built the first frequency monitor in the World. Tainio has determined that the average frequency of the human body during the day time is 68-68 HZ. When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised. If the frequency drops to 58Hz. cold and flu symptoms appear, at 55Hz. Epstein Bar and at 42 Hz – CANCER.

The newest technology – a Bio pulsar Reflexology Imagining System is allowing us to view a Bio – Energy Aura Image. Consciousness, thoughts and emotions are actual energetic structures within an individual’s etheric aura field which can affect mind, body and spirit’s well being. Our body and aura is filled with different colors. Some of them shine more strongly, clearly – this is a sign of good health, others are dull – often seen in people who are in poor health filled with negative thoughts, depression and anxiety, etc.


Different from your “favorite” color, your aura is the color whose properties best define who you are, each color has distinct characteristics and qualities – a unique “personality” that relates uniquely to different types of people. All matter, both physical and subtle, frequency. Matter of different frequencies can coexist in the same time space. The etheric and physical bodies, being of different frequencies overlap and coexist within the same time space.

Ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis recognized that the source of disease lays not in the physical but in the higher body. It is being said that humans of this era may have lived between 600-800 years of age. Today Sacred Journey Therapists and Evolved Lightworkers operate in these fields.

Bi-Nah, (Researcher, Teacher) uses a Bio Imagining System to test clients

The Energetics of Cancer & Disease

Cancer Facts

Vibrational Healing for Cancer & Disease



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Cancer Facts

• Every person has cancer cells in body. These cancer cells do not show up in the standard tests until they have multiplied to a few billion. When doctors tell cancer patients that there are no more cancer cells in their bodies after treatment, in just means the tests are unable to detect the cancer cells because they have not reached the detectable size. Through Vibrational Healing Therapy, cancer cells may be regenerated into healthy functional cells in the early stages of development.

• Chemotherapy and radiation can cause cancer cells to mutate and become resistant and difficult to destroy. Surgery can also cause cancer cells to spread to other sites, Chemotherapy involves poisoning the rapid growing cancer cells is and also destroys rapid-growing healthy cells in the bone marrow, gastrointestinal tract, and etc. and can cause organ damage, like liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and etc. Radiation while destroying cancer cells also burns, scars, and damages healthy cells, tissues, and organs. Initial treatment with chemotherapy and radiation will often reduce tumor size. However prolonged use of chemotherapy and radiation does not result in more tumor destruction. When the body has too much toxin burden form chemotherapy and radiation the immune system is either compromised or destroyed, hence the person can succumb to various kinds of infections and complications.

The Energetics of Cancer & Disease

The penetration of “Light Energy” provided by these therapists provides energetic nutrients essential for the simulation and recalibration of deteriorating cells which supports the holographic framework for regeneration. Cellular memory captures the internal cellular programming and responds energetically to the electrical movement by adjusting to the light energy transmission frequency while internal processing and rebuilding transpire. With the assistance of Sacred Journey Therapists or Evolved Lightworkers the transference of “Light Energy” assists to form a matrix within the physical body that serves as a template and allows strengthened cells to adhere to their task within the complex system.

There are other ways in which Cancer may be introduced to our system. One way is by being a gene carrier for the energy of cancers. Does Cancer run in your family? The Sacred Journey Therapist has the wisdom and tools to change energetic signatures of Cancer held within the energetic schematics of an individual. This may also be a soul’s quest if one chooses to experience Cancer for his own or someone else’s experience. In this case the Sacred Journey Therapist may travel into different levels of consciousness explore this decision and influence a change if the soul wishes.

Cancer may also be an energy buried in another lifetime coming through this lifetime and playing out in this physical experience. The Sacred Journey Therapist also carries “shamanic skills” of the visionary and is able to travel into other lifetimes to facilitate healing in another time where the emotional core of the energy exists, hence shifting the souls physical experience of Cancer in this lifetime.

Exercise & Play

Activities that we enjoy are very instrumental in our healing process. Dance, Yoga, Hiking, Sports, and etc. are all important activities that enhance our immune system and raise the souls vibration.

Exercise daily, and deep breathing help to get more oxygen down to the cellular level. Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment. Not only does exercise improve your physical body, it helps your mental function. Exercise can increase energy levels and increase serotonin levels in the brain, which lease to improved mental clarity.

Your heart and cardiovascular system will function more effectively. The heart will build up less plaque. It will become a more efficient organ. Research has shown that exercise will help to prevent heart disease and aid in the management of cancer and many other chronic conditions.

The results of exercise can be greatly enhanced when combined with the Vibrational Healing.


…start young, stay young

Body Products

We must also be aware of the chemicals we use on our skin and hair on a daily basis. Especially since once skin is our biggest organ. there are natural body soaps, washes, and hair products as well as house hold products available that are non-toxic and not harmful.


When a person has cancer it may indicate the person has multiple nutritional deficiencies. These could be due to genetic, environmental, food and lifestyle factors. To overcome the multiple nutritional deficiencies, changing diet, and introducing supplements will strengthen the immune system. There are natural products available to assist in prevention of Cancer.


  Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils extracted from flowers, stems, leaves, roots, or fruits of a plant or tree. Essential oils are the most potent form of herbal use and are known for their beneficial healing properties. The physiological and psychological benefits of the essential oils are achieved by absorption through the skin and inhalation. The latter can be accomplished through either natural evaporation or some type of diffusing device.

The use of flowers and plants for their aromatic effects can be traced back 5,000 years to the Egyptians.

Essential Oils may be used in conjunction with Massage Therapy or Cranial Sacral Therapy. When inhaled a complex chain of events within the body is put into motion. The gaseous molecules stimulate receptors in the olfactory lobe of the brain which then triggers an electrical signal in the limbic system (portion of the brain concerned with emotion and motivation), which in turn further influences the release of hormones and neurochemicals to produce a sense of well-being.

Beyond Wellness Recommendation: Young Living Essential Oils    


 “Meditation…is the intentional directing of attention to the clear aspect of one’s own inner nature”, Roy Davis.

The use of Mediation for healing is not new Meditative techniques are the product of diverse cultures and persons around the world. The value of Meditation to alleviate suffering and promote healing has been known and practice for thousands of years.

There are many different types of Meditation practiced today which are based on different principles. They can be roughly classified into five categories depending on whether they are based on the body or mind and whether they employ control or letting-go mechanisms as a means of achieving a meditative state.

The first category of Meditation, based on body control, is incorporated into certain types of yoga to unite body and mind. This type of Meditation is concerned with the body assuming a certain posture. The spine is kept straight and the body remains still and immobile. This lowers the metabolic level and reduces stress.

The second category of Meditation, based on control of the mind, utilizes concentration, contemplation, and visualization to achieve the meditative state. Concentration involves focusing the consciousness on a single simple object, such as a black circle. Contemplation uses the continuous repetition of a word of syllable. Visualization uses a scene complicated enough to require focus and attention by the meditator.

Many cultures use mind control in their Meditation and some have religious connotation. Examples include the repeated intonation of vowel sounds, chanting of Buddhist Monks, repetition of prayers such as the Hail Mary, and war chants of Native Americans.

The third category of Meditation is based on the “letting-go” of the body. One technique involves the deliberate relaxation of muscular tension.

The fourth category of Meditation is based on the “letting-go” of the mind. The mind remains passive and open to whatever enters it, in the here and now. By leaving the mind open, the individual is able to retrieve insight into a particular problem or the answer to a question concerning his health.

A fifth category of Meditation could be the most powerful. This pertains to “letting-go” of the mind and connecting with our heart space. The Heart is a place of “Feeling”. It is a place of “higher Consciousness”. Here we feel totally centered and have the ability to tap into our “Higher selves”, our Spirit.

Research has shown that Meditation can contribute to an individual’s psychological and physiological well being. This is accomplished as Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into alpha state which is a level of consciousness that promotes the healing state.

There is scientific evidence that Meditation can reduce blood pressure, and relieve pain and stress. When used in combination with biofeedback, meditation enhances the effectiveness of biofeedback.


  An effective way to battle cancer is to starve the cancer cells by not feeding it with foods it needs to multiply.

  • Sugar is a cancer-feeder. By cutting off sugar it cuts off one important food supply to the cancer cells. Sugar substitute’s life NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, and etc. are
    ade with Aspartame and it is harmful. A better natural substitute would be Manuka honey or molasses but only in very small amounts. Table salt has a chemical added to make it white in color. Better alternative is Bragg’s aminos or sea salt.

  • Milk causes the body to produce mucus, especially in the gastro-intestinal tract. Cancer feeds on mucus; by cutting off milk and substituting with unsweetened almond or coconut milk cancer cells are being starved.

  • Cancer cells thrive in an acid environment. A meat-based diet is acidic and it is best to eat Fish, and a little chicken rather than beef or pork. Meat also contains livestock antibiotics, growth hormones, and parasites, which are all harmful, especially to people with cancer. Meat protein is also difficult to digest and requires a lot of digestive enzymes. Undigested meat remaining in the intestines becomes purified and leads to more toxic buildup.

  • Cancer cell walls have a tough protein covering. By refraining from or eating less meat it frees more enzymes to attack the protein walls of cancer cells and allows the body’s killer cells to destroy the cancer cells.

  • Avoid coffee, tea, and chocolate, which have high caffeine. Green tea is a better alternative and has cancer fighting properties. Water-best to drink purified or filtered, to avoid toxins and heavy metals in tap water. Distilled water is acidic, avoid it.

A diet made of 80% fresh vegetables and juice, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and some fruits help put the body into an alkaline environment. About 20% can be cooked food including beans. Fresh vegetable juices provide live enzymes that are easily absorbed and reach down to cellular levels within 15 minutes to nourish and enhance growth of healthy cells. To obtain live enzymes for building healthy cells try and drink fresh vegetable juice (most vegetables including bean sprouts) and eat some raw vegetables 2 to 3 times a day. Enzymes are destroyed at temperatures of 104 degrees.

The results of dieting can be greatly enhanced when combined with Vibrational Healing.

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