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Miasm Release Therapy for Anxiety

Healing anxiety requires that we remove the cause of this condition. Anxiety is that crippling feeling of unexplained fear that will hit you for no reason anytime or anywhere. Your heart starting to race, you get sick to your stomach, your hand and sometimes your whole body is starting to shake with a feeling of panic.

This is known as a Fight-or-Flight reaction, a profound physiological change that occurs in reaction to a “perceived treat”. Unlike depression which becomes suppressed into the body, anxiety moves outward into our nervous system affecting every organ of the body, pushing large amounts of stress hormones into the blood stream. This may or may not be provoked by everyday events and in cases of chronic attacks can cause adrenal exhaustion. Fatigue, decreased ability to handle the stress can result in increased susceptibility to disease.

Antidepressant medications are used for treatments of anxiety with similar results as depression.

While depression moves our emotions inward suppressing our feelings inside, Anxiety is very much the same only it brings emotions into our nervous system and very easily triggers a panic attack.

Miasm Release Therapy is an energy healing modality most effective with anxiety attacks. In times of distress the body creates energy defenses (Miasms) against what it perceives will defeat and/or harm it. Traumatic experiences in this life or subsequent lives are perhaps the greatest reasons for such distress. When a Miasm stays with the body after the treat is gone, it continues to feel a need to protect, so it interprets many potentially light experiences as continued threats sending a person into Fight-or-Flight mode. This behavior is limiting when it interferes with ones opportunities for personal growth and new experiences. At this point Miasm ceases to be of value to the host and should be extracted.

With Miasm Release Therapy, two Sacred Journey Therapists, or evolved Lightworkers are used to remove the Miasmic Energy.

Beyond Wellness Recommendations: Miasm Release Therapy

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